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Audio Editing and Mastering

As we all know, time is money and wasting time is an original sin. Too many times we're stuck with various voiceover chores such as recording, calling, negotiating... and editing!


Editing. To some, its the bane of their existence. Much like bookkeeping or marketing, editing the work you just recorded can seem like it takes forever and you just can't get anything else done in the mean time.

Like you, I hate it. But we all have to do it. Or perhaps there is another way!


Look, let me get to it here. As work is progressing, and you find yourself under these time constraints, wouldn't it be wonderful to offload the editing process just a bit. Allow yourself to breathe and take some time to focus on the other tasks you have during the day - even if its moving on to the next project.

If you're interested in working something out where I can 'take a load off Fanny' and see how I can help you folks out, drop me a lne at


You can also get an idea of pricing at my pricing page here.

A sample of my Auctio Editing for Long Form Narration
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