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What a great morning

So today was an unusual day. I woke up, and as usual I got a cup of coffee. Fed the dog. Fed the cats. Came into my studio and turned my equipment on. Scott started working looking for some messages that were supposed to show up this morning and got a call on Facebook.

Now getting a call really isn't that unusual, rather this was a call I wasn't expecting from a really great person! No I don't know if anyone knows of this name, I certainly didn't. But when it rang I saw the name Jon Driscoll. Who? I had no idea who would be calling ME on Facebook. He really doesn't know me, and I really didn't know him, but he did say that he was the voice that you probably never knew who was. so we got to talking and I really found out a lot about this guy and the fact that he has been in the voice over industry for quite some time. Over 40 years.

Now that may not seem like a lot of time to a lot of you, but for me who is really starting out and brand new, still wet behind the ears, doesn't know which way is up or down, can actually have a conversation with somebody who's been around and who is been in the industry as long as he has is unbelievable! I was so honored that he actually reached out to me today and was able to share some really great insights not only into what he had done in his past but really about voice-over in the future. And to top it all off he actually had a question for me! Me of all people. Now you want to talk about honored? That I was.

So we talked for over two hours about various subjects and I really got to know him. I really got to find out that he's quite an interesting person and really full of great knowledge. We talked about the GVAA rate sheet, we talked about various aspects of getting into the business, various aspects of getting representation, as well as what exactly agents are looking for whenever you approach them. Now I've always heard that voice over is a slow cooker and not a microwave. Jon actually brought that into focus by saying that there is a trend in the industry with agents that if you don't have two to five years of solid experience and have a solid business with voice over, they aren't even going to look at you. I guess that kind of makes sense. they have so many people to keep on their roster and so many irons in the fire that anyone who really doesn't make money for them is actually not worth their time.

Sounds discouraging huh? Actually no. I really found it to be rather refreshing and informative! Look, I know it's going to take some time. I know that I'm not going to jump right out of the gate and be the next Don LaFontaine or heck, even the next Mike Rowe doing the commercials for Dodge or Chevy or whoever he does for.

So I really want to say a great thank you to Jon for reaching out to me today really unsolicited! Makes me feel kind of special in a way and I guess it would for anybody else. I would only hope that at least once and everyone's life you'll have an experience like the one I had today!

Thank you Jon and I will talk with you soon!

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