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Woody Yates Commercial Demo 2022Woody Yates
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Woody Yates Commercial Demo 2Woody Yates
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Woody Yates Narration Demo 2022Woody Yates
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Woody Yates Explainer Videos ReelWoody Yates
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Woody Yates Character VoicesWoody Yates
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Woody Yates eLearning Reel 2022Woody Yates
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Woody Yates Political Reel 2022Woody Yates
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Woody Yates Political Reel 2 2022Woody Yates
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Derek Santa Rosa Demo AdWoody Yates
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About Me

So who is WoodyG anyway?

I am a ham at heart. A Knave. A complete Ad Lib.

I love acting in front of folks, on the mic, getting a reaction and impressing people. I'm the kind who can go to a bar and talk to just about anyone and make a good friend in the process. 

I'm the one that can walk up to you in a bar, strike up a great conversation and really have a great time.

Native to North Carolina, I've lived in some really great areas with some fantastic influences. Yes, I'm from the South and I know the value of that down home relationships we can foster. 

I cook, I ride my bike, I (used to) fly fish in the mountains of NC/SC, I play guitar (or attempt to play), I'm a beer connoisseur and a chaser of new breweries. My dog Otis and I take our weekly walks around Greer.


Basically all the great things in life. 

My Studio

My Studio consists of professional grade equipment. I have a dual-treated recording space that is quiet and efficient.

My equipment includes:

  • Home Studio for a quick turn around

  • Whisper room recording booth

  • Røde NT1-A Condenser Microphone

  • TZ Audio Stellar X2 Condenser Microphone

  • Behringer Ultravoice UV 1 Mic Preamp/Processor

  • Focusrite Scarlet Solo A/D interface

  • Audacity/Reaper DAW

  • Connection: 100mbps Internet,

  • for direction if needed,

  • Other platforms as needed

I love using my voice and have over 20 years of experience with face-to-face customer contact, 5 years direct phone contact and countless hours using my voice to satisfy customer needs.

My voice has been described as very pleasant and smooth with great delivery. Conversational and warm.

Some of my best clients include:

  • Greenworks Tools

  • Serta Mattress/Lowes Home Improvement

  • Northland Residential

  • Illinois BASSET

  • StudioREC

  • RingoFire Media

  • Canadian Cozie

  • Various real estate developers and agents

  • and many more.

My Services

Here's what I can offer you...

Contact Me

And here's how...

Thanks for submitting! I will be contacting you back shortly. 

You can also contact me at:

WoodyG Voice Over Studio LLC

864.640.1505 or


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