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WoodyG Voice Over Studio LLC
Here's what I can offer you...

I do all manner of voiceover from eLearning  voice over services, Corporate Narration and Training Narration,  Audiobooks IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voice Of God (announcement) as well as Commercial Advertisement voiceover (Radio/TV/Online). I have done well over 500 Explainer and Real Estate voice over. 

My key promises to you are:
1. Reliability. Knowing that I will be there when I say I will and always bring my A-Game. 

2. Listening. knowing that listening is the prime key to getting your message the way that message needs to be communicated.


3. Service. Making sure you're taken care of and all your needs and concerns are addressed.


4. Communication. Without open communication, nothing can be completed the way you want it. 


5. Trust. Knowing that you can trust me to have your best interests in mind when I work with you. 


So whether it's eLearning commercial voice over, Corporate Narration and Training Narration, Online, Promo Announcer, Radio and TV Commercial, Explainer Videos, Political Narration, Real Estate, Youtube VO, IVR or any other professional voice over services, you know you can rely on me. 

Woody Yates - Commercial DemoWoody Yates
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Woody Yates - Corporate Narration DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:39
Woody Yates - eLearning DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:00
Woody Yates - IVR DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:01
Woody Yates - CharacterVoicesWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:08
Woody Yates - Explainer DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:31
Woody Yates - Audiobook DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:15
Woody Yates - Video Game Demo (*Explicit Language)Woody Yates
00:00 / 02:22
Woody Yates - Political DemoWoody Yates
00:00 / 01:54

About Woody

Who is Woody Anyway?

I am a native born Southern US talent with a native Southern accent, capable of a variety of national and international accents. A mature, yet refined and youthful sound suitable for voicing the "guy next door" to the refined and trustworthy voice styles.


Flexible in direction, always wanting to explore a tone or character, comedic and snarkastic, yet can be grounded in any sensitive emotion. 


The ability to use imagination and color to my reads is integral to how I work and approach. Admittedly, I love comedy and drama, and if I can leverage that to bring levity, gravitas and humanity to a job, that to me makes it all worthwhile. 

Woody Yates

My Specialty

I work in all sorts of voice acting and voiceover, but the main genre I love most is storytelling and being very creative. And I've used my creativity to  do well over 500 explainer videos and 120 political spots along with 113 episodes of a horror/macabre podcast and a few audiobooks. Currently I host a beer review channel on Youtube. As you can see, I am very multimedia focused.

The Projects I Am Best Suited For is

My main focus is on Explainer and eLearning voice talent. With that, I voice Political Campaign ads.  I can narrate horror, macabre and fantasy as well as any technical or scientific instructional jobs. In addition, I've done radio, TV, IVR, and many more genres.

What To Do Next

Reach out to me and let's talk about your needs. I'd be glad to send you a sample of your script so you can get a better idea of my fit for your project. Email me or contact me below.


Some Of My Clients

  • RingoFire Media (Lowes/Serta, Greenworks Tools, Monument Grills)

  • (Explainer)

  • StudioREC (Dubbing)

  • Condor Agency (Explainer)

  • (Radio Ad Spots and Imaging)

  • Fieldstone Way (Real Estate)

  • Ivory Tusk Consulting (Political)

  • (Explainer)

  • Walmart / (Retail Commercial)

  • (Real Estate)

  • And many more...

Lowes / Serta
greenworks Logo
Ivory Tusk Consulting
RingoFire Media
Studio Malu Pontes
Northland Residential
Monument Grills

Just some thought I have and would like to share. 

Take a few minutes and see what's on my mind.

Ya might find something great there.


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You can also contact me at:

WoodyG Voice Over Studio LLC

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