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End of Week 1

So it comes to the end of a great week for me, and I am beat. I've had a good week at work, I've had a good week working for my clients and voice over, and I've had some challenges. Nothing I can't get through. Mind you, my challenges are my challenges, and I work through them the best I can.

So the end of the week, let me recap. My Upwork stock took a dive a little bit earlier in the week when the earnings report went a little South. But seem to be rebounding back at the end of the month. My Fiverr stock however has taken a little bit of a high road going up to $122 per share and then going back down to about $108. Okay, first foray into the stock market and it's seems a little challenging, but like anything else in life if you hang on to what you have and write it out, things get better.

That being said I did get 14th of August off to help my little chicken move back into college. Oh, by the way, I call my daughter's chickens. It's something that we just started calling him a while back. Campbell, my little chicken, is moving back to... Dare I say, Clemson (I shudder when I say that word) . That being said, I'm glad she's back in school! She did fantastic this year and I wish her all the best. She finally made a B in her calculus 2 course that she took at our local Community College here in Greenville. But like I tell her, you know what they call a doctor who made it be in their calculus 2 course? Doctor.

So I end my week here on a high note. I've got a few jobs brewing through a local agency here, I've got a few off of Upwork, and I have a few other ones that I want to pursue in other areas. But that will have to wait till next week.

I also signed up for some voice over coaching. Something I think I really need to work on. I need some good feedback, and I think I've got a great coach to do that. I'll share more about that later on as I get into the coaching. That being said, I'm really looking forward to that as I do think I need some really great Direction other than my self-direction.

So as for me and my voice over endeavors, I will see you all next week. Have a great one!

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