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Four tips for the up and coming freelancer (with a voice over slant)

So, do you want to know how to make money as a freelancer? Is it lucrative? Is it even possible?

In the article 4 tips for freelancers from a writer who makes $50,000 per project, Stefan Georgi give us 4 invaluable tip on how to move from a dream to reality.

A little background. Stephan was involved in a number of career options at first, but as a freelance copywriter, he found his niche. Now he commands upwards of $50,000 per script and so far this year has made over $430,000. Wow, that is amazing.

According to, out of 6000 US workers, about 36% of them earn a living as a full time freelancer according to this study.

So here are his tips. Listen up because we are only going to say this once.

Join specialty groups on Facebook.

I for one am in multiple specialty groups. Mostly of my voice over interest and I know this to be true. As Georgi says: “Going in there and immersing yourself in that world [is] really valuable.” The groups I'm in offer advice and guidance that you might not find in a traditional environment. Some that I'm in even post voice over opportunities.

'Create your own portfolio'

If you don't have a portfolio; or in the case of voice over a demo reel, you're not going to get hired for...well, anything. Creating something of value to your customers that showcase your talents, not matter what that is, is vital.

Leverage ‘freelancing platforms’

Ok. Hot topic in the voice over world, but freelance sites such as,, and others offer the marketing machine that you simply can't match on your own. I personally have gotten a fair amount of work on and am gaining some long awaited traction on Both sites are fantastic starting points for young stay-at-home'ers and want to be freelancers. Little risk and can be a fair reward. I personally know voice over artists who make six figure incomes (and I'm not talking "four numbers dot two numbers" either). All of these people make serious money just being on one or more sites.

Do know that there is a LOT of competition out there, and just like anything else, its branding, exposure, experience, longevity, and reviews that will get you towards the top.

“As far as getting gigs and jobs,” says Georgi, “leverage the traditional freelancing platforms out there.”

Provide free samples

So as voice over freelancers go, we use our demo reels. We also make samples on requests. I do all the time when a job posted asks for one. I have no problem making one to send to the customer, nor does any other voice over talent that I know of. Just be careful not to give away free work. Make sure you only give a client a taste.

Georgi says that you can use a sample to enhance your pitch. You can do this by sending your sample and a fresh note saying "Hey, I'm Woody and I really like what you folks do!"

He goes on to say “They’re gonna feel like they should respond at the very least,” he says, "so you can begin a correspondence. They can see immediately if your work is a fit for them, and “they may have an urgent need and just hire you.”

So over all, leveraging these tips are another tool in your marketing toolbox. As voice over talents, we need as much as we can get.

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