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Is There a Science To Moving Others With Your Voice?

I say there is. Well we both know this, but when it comes down to it, using our voice as a means to influence other has been around since language. In the article Is There a Science To Moving Others With Your Voice?, Sally Masterson explores the use of voice in emotion and depth and even the science can bring out feelings of the receiver to illicit the effect wanted.

She quotes one of my favorite YouTube presenters, Gary Terzza:

“You could argue that if you have to explain emotional performance in technical terms, then you probably don’t know what real emotion is,” he says. “Vocal emotion is lots of things – tempo, tone and pitch of course, but it’s also much, much more than these elements. In fact, it’s greater than the sum of its parts revealing the very soul of the speaker."

And its true. Emotion is something that cannot be replicated even by the best impersonators and certainly not by artificial means*.

Gary goes on to say:

“You can’t really teach emotion as it’s inherently personal to each of us, but you can learn to turn on the right emotion for the right voice-over job. Tapping into appropriate feelings and connecting with the listener is what good voice actors do best."

Well said Gary.

Best to you all and cheers! And feel free to engage me here at for what I can do for your next project.

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