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Marketing during COVID-19: An interesting brief on how how to overcome the challenges

In this article by my friends at INOVIT, they dive into some of the challenges brand owners face when dealing with the pandemic and how some are overcoming these challenges by creating new opportunities and methods to adapt, all the while keeping their brand image fresh and relevant. In this time, brand owners are seeing that where there were no markets for the "at-home" consumer, this 'new norm' is opening up those opportunities that did not exist before.

I for one can say COVID-19 has had an impact on me as a consumer. Recently, I went to go buy something as simple as a new bicycle. Once I got to the shop, I was immediately taken aback by the lack of bikes available. When asked, the store rep say "bicycles are the new toilet paper." What that meant was since people are finding more and more ways to use their time, activities such as riding bicycles is becoming more and more attractive which drove their sales to new levels, and a lack of bicycles!

The article goes on to say: "Adaptation is the means to adapt to the needs of consumers, showing respect for production crews’ challenges, and adapting to timelines being stretched due to off-site working norms while demands are even more hectic than ever."

For a business to thrive it means adaption. Adaption is key. Case in point, my local bicycle shop.

They quote Founder and CEO of GetFit Marketing, Kelsie Collins, said it’s important to always include the human touch in marketing during the pandemic. And its true. Ignoring the humanity during this time may leave your customers with a feeling of disconnection to your brand.

Along that message, I have found that I am doing more and more explainer videos dealing with COVID-19 and new ways to brand/re-brand based on it. This brings that human touch; that "We get it and we're here for you" touch to your brand.

INOVIT writes:

"At INOVIT, more and more people are seeing excellent investments in animation over live-action videos. INOVIT is seeing many of their clients moving in that direction and businesses are adapting to their marketing needs by finding new innovative ways to get their messages out to the public."

INOVIT gets this and from what I see lately, they have the experience to use animation and yes, voice over to brand/re-brand your companies needs.

For more information on what INOVIT can do, select the link below and don't forget to engage me for any voice over projects you need - especially explainer videos!


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