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One great reason to hire a professional voice over for your next explainer video

For anyone out there that does explainer videos, I CANNOT stress this enough. Always use professional voice over in your explainers. And please, please, PLEASE stay away from AI voice over (computer generated voice over). It simply does not have the depth and emotion that a real voice over artist can produce. The article quotes:

Hire Professionals
Creating an explainer video can be intimidating and exhausting. There’s so much you need to do and so much you need to learn.
You have to create a compelling script that embodies your company’s values. The script needs to be able to entertain your audience.
You need to create a balance between the ideal length and that perfect script. You need to be a pro at a video editing software. It will take the utmost commitment and dedication to produce a video of high quality.
But if creating that video will take your valuable time away from more pressing matters, what do you do?
Consider hiring professionals.
Hiring specialists is worth it when the quality of the work is not compromised. They can create compelling videos for you, and you’ll be able to focus on your business.
There are still parts of creating a video that’s better left at the hands of experts. No man is an island, after all.
Use a Professional Voice Over
If you ask around to find which part of creating a video you shouldn’t skimp on, people will say voice actors. Voice actors know the recipe to engage your audience and connect with their emotions. They can modulate their voice to the right pitch, so your viewers get excited or concerned.
Professional voice actors can provide engagement as much as your visuals can. Imagine producing a great video but with a monotonous voice. Ten seconds in and your audience will fall asleep.
Cutting costs on professional voice actors is not a practical solution.

Quite honestly, if you are not using professional services across the board, you're really doing your self and your potential target audience a dire disservice.

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