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What A Week It Was...

So it's Friday August 7th. Kind of the epitome of Freaky Friday to me.

I had a lot of work this week off of Upwork, some of which was good, some of which was more or less, a pain in the ass. It could have been better, I could have thought a lot further ahead, I could have done a couple of things differently, but overall it came out okay. I hate to say it but some people's vision of what they want and what can happen are two totally different things.

Case in point, I had one customer that wanted me to do some voice-over and I did, didn't quite match up with what he expected, but then again he really wasn't that clear as to what he wanted. No, my standard policy is this. If you want a complete rewrite of something, then you have to pay for it. It's as simple as that. If I make a mistake, I take the responsibility and I rework the job. I will punch in certain parts as necessary and I will also correct anything that has been brought to my attention as my fault. But seriously, if you want something redone from scratch, you're going to have to pay for it. It's that simple as that.

Now, onto other things in my week here. Fiber stock has risen up to over $122 per share briefly. Now at the end of the week it closes out at $108.89. On the other hand, my Upwork stock that I bought, Rose to over $17 a share, briefly, and now is back down to $14.86 per share. This was after their earnings report came out that said it actually lost $0.09 per share. Okay so not the end of the world. And I think the market really rebounded and brought up right back.

Which leads me to my next point. In my opinion, and in my opinion only, stocks of services such as work at home services, freelance services, or any other type of service along that vein, are really going to take off in my opinion in the next 5 to 10 years. Get on that bandwagon while you can! If you have some money to spare and you want to do a little dabbling in the stock market, look at sites like Fiverr. Look at sites like Upwork. Look at sites like people per hour, if they happen to have stock. Look for anything out there that seems to have a stock presence, and it's stock is not over inflated.

When we bought Fiverr stock, we bought it at $23.50 per share. Now over $108 per share that means we've made a pretty hefty chunk so far. Now understand, we didn't buy so much stock. But we bought enough to make it worth our while. This of course was my dad and me investing in the stock market individually. Personally, I invested in upwork stock and I'm really excited about where it's going. People don't seem to see that it's a high-risk stock as everyone said it was.

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