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When it rains...

I wish I could say it pours. well, I guess it is pouring. Here it's raining like mad. But that's not really why you're here at this blog, it's more to find out what's been going on lately.

So, I had a few offers for a job, actually two jobs, from a fantastic group of people that I work with here in my town. One of which would have been great! Possibly a 30-second commercial for a national advertisement and the other one is actually pretty good as well, but it's mostly internal communication, internal promotion, internal use. Both of which are fantastic jobs and they're from a great agency here in town. I will give a shout out to them later, but suffice it to say they've been very good friends of mine and very good customers. I do appreciate them greatly.

So I've been working with a fantastic voice coach for about a week or so now. He's had me do some recordings on some scripts that I may find off of the internet. Mostly what I'll do is I will record and I'll listen to myself and as I'm doing it, I will hear what I've done wrong and I'll go back and not edit, but correct on the fly. I don't save any edited versions, what I do is I record raw. From there I can at least let my coach see the differences in my approach as I'm doing it almost real time. I think it's going to be very helpful for both of us. I will be able to listen to myself as I'm recording, get the feeling of how I'm presenting the material, I'll find little bits and pieces of what I'm doing wrong, and the coach will be able to listen and say “okay, this part sounded fine but…” I think that's going to be very effective. My next session, Wednesday week from now.

Other than that, they got the problem with the statistics in Upwork fixed. I can see where I stand in terms of how many views I've gotten, which is very very very important to me. At least I can see how I'm trending. Thank you Upwork.

My Upwork stock has been doing okay. It leveled out and about $14.75 and ended yesterday at over $15, so that's doing pretty good. My fiverr stock did pretty well yesterday, and I think it went over $121.

Other than that for the last few days, it's been fairly quiet. I've been doing a lot of practicing, a lot of looking at different scripts, a lot of updating my website, and a lot of planning for a new sound booth that I really want to make. At this moment I need to learn about $1,000 in cash so I can build this booth that I desperately need. More on that later.

Other than that, that's about it. See you next time.

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